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Better leaders make the world a better place...

We want to help make the world a better place by helping people and organisations with their Leadership Skills.

We can help you to become more self aware so you can Aspire to be a more effective leader; discover your natural tendencies and values to help you to cultivate the right culture for you and develop your leadership skills to Flourish in making the world around you a better and happier place.

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For the last 20 years or so I've been in various types of "leadership" roles from running my university students union paper to running my own businesses.

Before that I was organising parties, events and getting people together for all kinds of occasions - typically with alcohol involved so it wasn't that hard to get students to attend...

Over the last number of years though I've become more and more interested in what it means to be a successful leader - especially in today's connected world.

I've been involved in running my own international business - Alpha College of English - for the last 17 years and more recently taking over ETC Consult / Talent Select which helps to identify and develop leaders in different roles based on their individual personalities, attributes and motivators.

In recent years I've been actively involved with helping student entrepreneurs from around the world to learn and grow as they run their businesses while also still studying at college.

I want to become a better leader by helping others to become better leaders, so they can help their businesses, organisations and communities around the world.

If you have questions, suggestions or comments I'd love to hear them and if I can help you, I will!

Speak with you soon.




We can provide a number of workshops for your leadership team to give greater insight into your Leadership Styles and how your organisation can Flourish



Get greater understanding about your motivators, natural tendencies and your derailers to help you to grow and improve as a leader with one to one coaching


Leadership Strategy

Get your entire leadership team aligned and moving towards the same goal with a greater understanding of personalities and shared objectives

Leadership Strategy

Who you are determines how you lead

Official Hogan Assessments Distributor

International Leadership - as a department of ETC Consult in Dublin are official distributors of Hogan Assessments in Ireland. 

We use a variety of Hogan Reports extensively throughout our workshops and coaching.

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